Today, we officially launched our Third location in the USA for VPS Hosting products in Hillsboro, Oregon, just outside of Portland, an area ripe for future expansion. Clients in the region can now benefit from the lower latency and thus experience even speedier VPS performance. The region surrounding Hillsboro is nicknamed the “Silicon Forest” because so many respected international IT companies call it home.

The strategic location of Hillsboro is fascinating to us. In addition to the first location on the East Coast, this new West Coast location will allow us to provide better connections, including important links to submarine cables located in Hillsboro, which connect North America to Asia.

The new location at Hillsboro will host Bladenode VPS servers mounted with AMD processors. Naturally, you will have access to all of the Bladenode features you already know and love at prices that are kind to your wallets.

BladeNode Team